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IDDemon is the best source of fake IDs!

We focus on crafting the highest quality fake ID's that will get you into clubs, bars, nightclub and out with your friends. Order today!

Bend Test - Blacklight Test

These IDs are made to pass the bend test. They won't crease or crack. All our novelty IDs are scan able and pass black light test. We replicate our hologram 100% to a real IDs.

Free Duplicate

All orders are free duplicate. You'll Get 2 Cards So You No Need to Worry In Case Lost & Broke. No worry of wrong ID, We'll send you another, Until you say satisfied!

Scannable Barcodes

Every ID that we produce has a correctly formatted scannable barcode encoded with all of your data. We guarantee that all of our IDs will have barcodes that are scannable and will scan with any app like BCS.

Fast Discreet Shipping

All orders are shipped discreetly from outside the United States via DHL First Class Mail. We would hide the ids with some decorations, There are no markings indicating the nature of the package.

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How do I get one?

1. Sign Up

You do not need to register an account, fill out the order information online or download the order document.

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2. Add Cards

Select the card you want to purchase and submit the order information, we will email you to confirm that the order information is correct.

3. Pay

We will send the payment information to your email, you just follow the information we provide to complete the payment and tell us.

Why choose us?

We create the best fake ID you can buy. Our years of experience and high tech equipment allow to us to produce near 1:1 replicas of the US Driving License. Our cards feature many security features just like the real thing. As well as this, we print them at an impressive 1200 DPI making them incredibly crisp and high resolution. This, combined with our expert made template, makes them look breathtakingly real.